Our Projects

Lack of funding may be the central issue facing the cause of animal welfare. Minimal funding from local government leaves animal shelters operating on shoestring budgets. Promising medical research goes unfinished. Lobbyists supporting large corporations have the loudest voices in the animal abuse conversation. Our organization's primary objective is supporting organizations who do the amazing job of supporting animals. We're always developing innovative, revenue generating projects to support our mission. We're a charitable organization - all proceeds generated from these projects are used to support our partner animal shelters, fund medical research on veterinary diseases, and lobby for animal rights.

Coming Soon! Paws TV is an all-about-pets video social network where you can get your fill of the cutest and funniest pet videos in the internet. It's a user built and driven community of pet lovers sharing and enjoying each others videos along with our Paws live stream - streaming live kittens and puppies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It all benefits our mission - 100% of proceeds from ad revenue and sponsorships are donated to animal shelters and medical research organizations all over the country. Check it out!